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Ages 5 & Up

Pointe is a classical style of ballet that dates back to the 19th century. In  this class, students will focus on building leg strength, balance, and stamina. This class will focus on barre work, center, and across-the-floor exercises. Students are required to have teacher permission to enroll in this class. Students in this class will learn one dance.  This dance will be performed in our annual recital.

Ages 7 & Up

Students in this class will learn different techniques and exercises to improve their flexibility and strength.  This will  aid them in the many different styles of dance and allow them to progress at a faster rate. This class will also help their muscles to relax and recover from their other technique classes. This is a non-performance class. This class will not have a separate dance in our annual recital.

Hip Hop is a fun, upbeat class focusing on many different styles.    This class provides an intense workout in an energetic environment.  Dancers will have fun with this unique and upbeat style of movement as they learn combinations to popular and high energy music.  Students in these classes will learn one dance.  All four levels will perform in our annual recital.

Ages 5 & Up

Ages 5 & Up

 Tap I, II, & III

Tiny Dancers Level IV 

Contemporary is a fusion of jazz, lyrical, ballet, and modern techniques.  Contemporary is among the most popular of dance forms.  This class introduces contraction and release and suspension, as well as parallel positions, while teaching students the art of storytelling and emotions through movement.  Students in this class will learn one dance. It will be performed in our annual recital.

Ages 11 & Up

Tiny Dancers Level IV  is a great introductory class for the beginning 5 & 6 year old dancer. Students will learn jazz and tap terminology as well as confidence and rhythm.  It consists of 30 minutes of tap and 30 minutes of jazz.  All students in these classes will learn two dances, one that showcases their tap skills, and one that showcases their jazz skills.  Both levels will perform in our annual recital.

Ages 5 & 6


Tiny Dancers Level I, II, & III

Ages 7 & Up

Our ages are determined as of December 31. View a video of our last recital here

Ages 2-4

Students in this class will focus on building strong dance technique.  The students will learn proper stretching, strength, and focus on flexibility.  This is a high energy class with upbeat music.  Students will learn across-the-floor combinations incorporating leaps, turns, jumps, and more.  Students in these classes will learn one dance. All three levels will perform in our annual recital.

Hip Hop I, II, III, & IV

jazz I, II, & III

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of acrobatics.  This will help to improve their flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, coordination, and body awareness.  Classes will focus on proper hand placement and body alignment required to perform acrobatic skills. This is a non-performance class.  This class will not have a separate dance in our annual recital.

ballet I, II, III, & IV

Stretch I & II

Ages 7 & Up

Musicality is key in these classes.  Students will learn both traditional and contemporary tap steps and terminology. Throughout the year, students will focus on learning how to string these steps together as well as recognizing music patterns and proper timing.  Students in these classes will learn one dance. Both levels will perform in our annual recital.

Ages 12 & Up

This class is the foundation of all dance.  Ballet will help students in all other forms of dance and is highly recommended for all dancers.  Ballet focuses on allowing dancers to learn classical terminology and proper technique.  Students will learn proper alignment, posture, and fluidity through classical techniques.  Students will learn one dance.  All five levels will perform in our annual recital.


Students will learn basic terminology in tap and ballet, develop rhythm, coordination, and confidence in dance. Through movement and song, children gain strength and endurance, and they challenge themselves emotionally as well. Students in Tiny Dancers Level I & II will learn one dance, while Tiny Dancers Level III will learn two dances. All three levels will perform in our annual recital.