Pictures will be taken on Saturday, March 6th by appointment only. 

There will be a sign up sheet posted in the lobby no later than two weeks

prior to this date. If you cannot make this date, please Let us know to 


​**Please schedule sibling pictures on a Separate Time Slot**

We provide the costume for the picture. Hair and suggested makeup will be posted in the lobby. There is a sitting fee of $20 for the photographer (with one free proof included). The sitting fee for a Sibling picture is an additional $10. Payment must be Cash or Checks Made out to Cash.


The Following Honors can be received for selling a certain dollar amount in ads. All honors will be given out at Dress Rehearsal EXCEPT for our Cover Girls.

$0 - $74 sold in Ads: Certificate of Completion for the year

$75 -  $149 sold in ADs:Certificate of Completion for the year, Free Recital Book Program,  Picture in recital book, DWC Medal

$150 - $499 sold in Ads: ​Certificate of Completion for the year, Free Recital Book Program, Picture in Recital Book, DWC Medal, Trophy

$500 - $999 sold in ADs​: Certificate of Completion for the year, Free recital book program, Picture in recital Book, DWC Medal, Trophy,Free registration for the 2021-2022 Dance year,​1 recital t-shirt.

$1000 - $1999 sold in ads: Certificate of Completion for the year, Free recital book program, Picture in recital Book, DWC Medal, Trophy, Free registration for the 2021-2022 Dance year, 1 recital t-shirt, 1 free costume for the 2021-2022 dance year (non Competition)

$2000+ sold in ads: Certificate of Completion for the year, Free recital book program, Picture in recital Book, DWC Medal, Trophy, Free registration for the 2021-2022 Dance year,1 free costume for the 2021-2022 dance year (non Competition) , 1 Year of 1 class Free ($420 Value!)

The Top FOUR SELLERS will be our cover girls for the year and will receive everything in their dollar range above PLUS The following:

Cover Girl (Top seller): Picture on front cover of recital book program, Picture on Recital DVD, Large trophy and tiara given at recital, picture on website indefinitely, Picture in Lobby of building Indefinitely, AND FIRST PICK oF SEATS FOR THE RECITAL (amount tba)

FIRST RUNNER UP (2ND HIGHEST SELLER): Picture on back cover of recital book, Picture on Recital DVD, Large Trophy and tiara given at recital, Picture on Website for one year, Picture in Lobby of Building for one year, AND ​SECOND PICK OF SEATS FOR THE RECITAL (aunt tea)

SECOND RUNNER UP (3RD HIGHEST SELLER) Picture on Inside front cover of Recital Book, Large Trophy and Tiara Given at Recital, Picture on Website for one year, Picture in Lobby of Building for one year, and THIRD PICK OF SEATS FOR THE RECITAL (Amount tab)

THIRD RUNNER UP (4TH HIGHEST SELLER): Picture on Inside Back cover of Recital Book, Large Trophy and Tiara Given at Recital, Picture on Website for one year, Picture in Lobby of building for one year, and FOURTH PICK OF SEATS FOR THE RECITAL (amount tab)

View pics of our past Cover Girls here!

Please note, due to the ongoing changes of Covid Restrictions and a possible change of venue, a new incentive will replace tickets for CoverGirls

​​***ALL ADS ARE DUE ON MARCH 3rd AND 4th in Studio C. ADS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BEFORE THESE DATES. ADs turned in after these dates will not be in consideration for one of the four covers (see "Ad Honors")***

We do encourage that all of our students pictures are in the recital book, but it is optional this year to sell ads. Please realize that in order to have their picture appear in the recital book, students must sell at least $75 in ads. Starting in 2022, selling at least $75 in ads will be mandatory

All Ads must be turned in in a digital format. This mean it must be on a USB or CD​. Last Year's recital program is in the lobby if you would like to look through the ads from previous years to get an idea on what they should look like. All ads will be black and white in the recital book. Ads can be created in one of two ways:

1. YOU can create your own ad

     If you choose to create it yourself, each ad must be the correct measurements (scroll down to "ad Pricing and Sizes" for these measurements) and be saved as a picture file (PDF, JPEG, ETc.), even if the ad is only text. This ensures that it will look the way that you intend it to when we add it to the book. **Please double check spelling. The way it appears on the USB is the way it will appear in the book**. All ads must be saved to either a USB or a CD. Please label the files with the students first and last name as well as what size the ad is. For example: JaneSmithFull1.pdf; JaneSmithFull2.pdf; JaneSmithHalf1.pdf

2. WE can create the ad for you

     If you Choose for us to create the ad, it will still need to be turned in on either a usb or cd​. For example, if you want your ad to be words only, please save it into a word document. Please be specific when naming the file (ex: 1/4 page ad from Mom). If you have an ad that you would like text and pictures on, please be specific when labeling the picture files so we know which picture goes to which ad.

SPLIT ADS: Split ads are when an ad is shared between two or more students (ex: Cousins, Class ads, best friends). All splits ads must be separate from other ads and on a separate digital device. Full payment for the split ads must be turned in by the person who is turning in the USB or CD containing the split ad.


Every year in June, we put on our yearly recital. Our 2021 recital is on June 9th at 6 pm! Our recital program is like a yearbook. Our dancers take headshot pictures and are able to sell ads that are printed in the book. Instructions about ads can be found below. The dancer who sells the most ads gets the honor of being Cover Girl and having her picture printed in full color on the Cover!

Cover Girl 2020: Alyssa Chouest

contact us!

Ad Information:

View Pictures of our past Cover Girls here!

IMPORTANT DATES for the 2019-2020 Dance Year:

Wednesday, March 3rd & Thursday, March 4th: Ads Due

Saturday, March 6Th: Headshot pictures taken for recital Book

Thursday, March 18th: Recital Fee Due

Tuesday, June 8th*: Dress Rehearsal at Warren J. Harang Auditorium In Thibodaux

Wednesday, June 9th*: Recital at Warren J Harang Auditorium in Thibodaux at 6pm

*subject to change with COVID-19 Protocol Changes*


FULL PAGE: (7.5in x 9.85in) $150

Half Page: (7.5in x 4.75in) $75

Quarter Page: (3.5in x 4.75in) $60

Eighth Page: (3.6in x 2.25in) $45

Sixteenth Page: (1.75in x 2.3in) $30

Booster: (Just text) $15